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Skilled training, on student request, in the following issues:

  • Biomass production
  • Waste and biomass valorization
  • Conversion processes
  • Production and quality of solid and liquid biofuels
  • Environmental sustainability


Course Structure

Gerenal training issue: Renewable energies

Course type: Post-Graduation Studies

Credits (minimum to get the Diploma): 15 ECTS

Duration: 1 or 2 school semesters, depending on the subjects selected by student

To get the Diploma on Post-Graduation Studies, the student must obtain a minmum of 15 ECTS in a set of subjects selected by himself/herself from the following set of subjects of the Master Course in Energy and Bioenergy.


Odd Semester

Energia e ambiente/Energy and environment (6.0 ECTS)

Balanços materiais e energéticos da produção de biomassa/Energetic and mass balances of biomass production (6.0 ECTS)

Produção de culturas energéticas/Production of energy crops (6.0 ECTS)

Produção de energia a partir da biomassa/Energy production from biomass (6.0 ECTS)

Política das energias renováveis/Policy on renewable energies (6.0 ECTS)


Even Semester


Valorização de biomassa e resíduos/Valorization of biomass and wastes (6.0 ECTS)

Produção e utilização de bio-combustíveis líquidos/ Production and use of liquid bio-fuels (6.0 ECTS)


Timetable of Classes

Classes take place simultaneously with the Master Course on Energy and Bioenergy. Any one of these timetables only runs with a minimum number of 10 students (students from the Post-Graduation Studies together with the students of the Master Course).

After working hours: Monday to Friday, 6:30 pm – 24:00 pm

Condensed timetable: Thursday, 3:00 pm - 24:00 pm; Friday, 9:30 am – 24:00 pm



EU and non-EU citizens with a previous graduation of 180 ECTS (or equivalent) on Engineering (Chemistry, Mechanics, Industrial Production, Environment, Electricity, Physics) or Basic Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)


Schedule of Applications

Please, contact the Coordinator (Professor Ana Luísa Fernando; email: or consult the following address:


Additional Information or, please, contact the Coordinator Professor Ana Luísa Fernando (