Maria Paula Duarte

Professor Auxiliar
Assistant Professor

Membro Integrado da UBiA
Integrated Member of UBiA

354 - Ed. Departamental
145, 371, 373 - Ed. Departamental

(+351) 212 948 543
(+351) 212 948 543 11708
(+351) 212 948 543

Áreas de Investigação

Toxicologia dos alimentos
Alimentos funcionais e fortificados
Culturas energéticas

Food toxicology
Functional and fortified foods
Energy crops

Publicações Representativas

Almeida J, Achten WMJ, Duarte MP, Mendes B e Muys B (2011) Benchmarking the Environmental Performance of the Jatropha Biodiesel System through a Generic Life Cycle Assessment. Environmental Science & Technology, DOI: 10.1021/es200257m.

Duarte MP, Palma BB, Gilep AA, Laires A, Oliveira JS, Usanov SA, Rueff J, Kranendonk M (2005) The stimulatory role of human cytochrome b5 in the bioactivation activities of human CYP1A2, 2A6 and 2E1: a new cell expression system to study cytochrome P450 mediated biotransformation. Mutagenesis, 20(2): 93-100.

Duarte MP, Palma BB, Laires A, Oliveira JS, Rueff J, Kranendonk M (2005) Escherichia coli BTC, a human cytochrome P450 competent tester strain with a high sensitivity towards alkylating agents: involvement of alkyltransferases in the repair of DNA damage induced by aromatic amines. Mutagenesis, 20(3): 199-208.

Gigante B, Santos C, Silva AM, Curto MJM, Nascimento MSJ, Pinto E, Pedro M, Cerqueira F, Pinto MM, Duarte MP, Laires A, Rueff J, Golçalves J, Pegado MI, Valdeira ML (2003) Cathecols from abietic acid: synthesis and evaluation as bioactive compounds. Bioorganic & Medical Chemistry, 11, pp 1631-1638.